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Getting Started Is Easy!

Our QuickBooks Integration is the best in the industry and is designed to provide an automatic "hands-off" link, eliminating duplicate data entry! Our CRM will become the "front of house" system for all of your team, pushing QuickBooks into the background for accounting purposes with limited user access.

QuickBooks Enterprise CRM

QuickBooks Desktop

Install our background connector for QuickBooks Desktop & enjoy hands-off realtime syncing of QuickBooks and the CRM system.

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QuickBooks Online

A few clicks to link your QuickBooks company file is all it takes to get you started.

Promotion Tracking

Leads and marketing

Manage all of your sales-leads and send bulk Email campaigns with the included SendGrid integration

proposal and sales pipeline

Use our exclusive "Promote & Quote" to upgrade a lead and generate rich PDF and Emailed proposals

order processing and fulfillment

Our centralized order processing funnels all of your order channels into the CRM for processing

inventory managemenT

Know how much you have, where it is going, and when you are going to need more


Bar-coded scan & receive and linked PO's designed to manage inventory more efficiently.


Generate both internal and customer-site workorders, including powerful contract and billing options


Multi-resource Scheduling, tasks and follow-ups to make sure nothing falls through the cracks again


Great reporting, including automated Email reports with Excel and graph integration

Let's discuss how Imprezian360 can work for you:

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