Quickbooks Enterprise Inventory Control

supported editions:

  • Quickbooks Enterprise 2015+

  • Quickbooks Pro/Premier 2015+

take a moment to read the highlights below to learn how imprezian360 is the perfect compliment for Quickbooks..



Quickbooks is great for accounting, but it's obviously not a sales automation tool.   You need a tool that can handle the management, distribution and follow-up for thousands of sales-leads.    You also need a tool that let's you work those sales-leads into a proposal with real-time, accurate pricing.   And finally, you need a tool that sends that data to Quickbooks so there isn't a need to enter duplicate data.   Guess what.. that tool is called imprezian-360.

feature highlights:

  • Manage thousands of sales-leads

  • Organize leads by source/promotion

  • Dispatch leads to sales-reps

  • Track communications (phone/email)

  • Set follow-ups & sales appointments

  • Promote to prospect for quoting


If you are daring enough to attempt to use Quickbooks for your quoting tool, you are undoubtedly now left with hundreds, maybe thousands of prospects clogging your Quickbooks database.   Quickbooks is an accounting program, it shouldn't be flooded with the ghosts of proposals past, which at some point will require massive cleanup.  Let imprezian-360 manage your proposals & pipeline, and only send the information to Quickbooks after a financial transaction!

feature highlights:

  • Manage thousands of prospects

  • Keep proposals out of Quickbooks

  • Real-time pricing & stock

  • Manage your sales funnel

  • Integrated commission tracking

  • Promote to order instantly


With a simple touch, you can instantly confirm a proposal into a multi-shipment enabled sales-order, but it doesn't stop there.   imprezian-360 let's you organize your incoming order channel from a variety of sources.  Sources such as Amazon, Ebay, ChannelAdvisor, Magento, BuyerQuest, Ultracart, and more.  With a single, integrated order management system, you'll know exactly how much stock you have (or need) to fulfill those orders.

feature highlights:

  • Manage thousands of active orders

  • Instant stock analysis of orders

  • Multi-shipment fulfillment

  • Integrated shipping center

  • Integrated Payment Processing

  • Automatic PO generation for drop-ship


Sometimes your customers need help.  Perhaps an order didn't arrive on time, or correctly.  Or perhaps your customer is having an issue with a product that they need assistance for.   You need a tool that can manage your customer issues and is fully integrated into their order and communicate history.  imprezian-360 organizes and manages customer-service unlike any other system on the market today. 

feature highlights:

  • Integrated Service-Tracking

  • Customer Self-Service

  • Integrated Knowledge-Base

  • RMA's

  • Automated Service Invoicing

  • Integrated Service Scheduling



Sure Quickbooks handles inventory, but try receiving or shipping 9000 serialized items.   It just doesn't work.  You need an inventory management tool that is built to handle massive inventory transactions.  You need a tool that can handle barcoded item receiving and shipping.   And finally, you need a tool that allows everyone in your company to know how much inventory you have, where it is, how much is costs and where it's going.  imprezian-360 is that tool.

feature highlights:

  • Manage items outside of Quickbooks

  • Instantly add items to QB when ordered

  • Maintain multi-level pricing/discounts

  • Multi-warehouse/serialized tracking

  • Bar-coded shipping/receiving built-in

  • Keep non-accounting staff out of QB





Imprezian360 + Quickbooks is one of the smartest decisions you can make
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