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.. with the best Full-Stack CRM
system for QuickBooks!

Not having any luck with your QuickBooks add-on's?

You're not alone.  Thousands of business owners are often thrown into add-on stores searching for solutions to growth problems; only to end up frustrated with exploding costs.  

That's why we created Imprezian360 CRM for QuickBooks. It's the affordable all-in-one suite you've been looking for to automate your business, lower costs and become more efficient without all the add-ons.

We add value to your QuickBooks investment

Promotion Tracking

Track sales related to marketing efforts and manage sales promos

Lead Management

Handle hundreds of thousands of leads with ease

Proposal Generation

Generate customized estimates with PDF and EMail integration

Order Fulfillment

Track and process the orders for all your sales-channels in 1 location

Inventory Control

Know what you have, where it is, and where it’s going (and when you're going to need more)

Customer Service Automation 

Automate your work-order and service billing with field-service features and integrated schedules

Integrated Scheduling & Follow-Ups

Know who’s doing what & when that's multi-resource enabled


Leverage our Pre-Built integrations with industry leading solutions

What people are saying
Laresa Hays
Teraganix, Inc.

"Success using Imprezian360 in a multiple location business The software allows us to work from multiple physical locations with ease. The ability to fulfill and process order online from any computer without having to download programs on the computer was a huge pull for us"

Haskel Weiss
Fun and Function, Inc.
Fun and funcion

"I appreciate how the team works with us to customize the product for our company's needs. We use it as an order management system to keep track of orders and issues in all our sales platforms. It has helped to keep our order management process moving very smoothly"

Nothing works better with QuickBooks
Inventory Control for Quickbooks

Does your business generate a lot of financial transactions? Sales-Orders, payments, purchasing, receiving, etc. Who's going to enter all of this information into the accounting system?   

Imprezian360 understands accounting.  

You'll never have to enter duplicate data again.

What does this mean?  No "Manually downloading those orders from the shopping cart into QuickBooks"... No "Let the accountant enter the transactions"... Is it a big promise?, Yes. 

Yet it is a promise that Imprezian360 delivers

It's time to free yourself from "Add-On Hell"

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